4 Ways to Use Instagram Hashtags for Business

As a digital marketer, it’s natural for your business or brand to exist on social media including Instagram. especially if you want to learn how to use Instagram for your business and expand the reach of your posts, hashtag and geotag are two important things.

Hashtags are words preceded by “#” on Instagram. hashtags can be searched and clicked on, so using relevant hashtags will help other Instagram users to find and engage with your content, just like keywords in search engines.

How can your business be known to the public through hashtag, here’s how:

  1. Relevance to Popularity

The key to expanding your network and followers with hashtag is relevance. Not all hashtags that are trending will draw attention to your brand / business. You want to make sure that the hashtag you use is suitable for your account style and your post’s purpose.

  1. Less Is More

On Instagram it is possible to use hashtags with a maximum of 30 hashtags, but you don’t need to use 30 hashtags. Uuke’s latest research in Instagram marketing strategy shows that you must use no more than 11 hashtags per post and in fact, you don’t need to include everything in the information in each of your posts.

  1. Choosing a Relevant Hashtag

Next, how to choose the relevant hashtag? There are 4 ways to approach the search process and choose a hashtag that will increase your followers and interactions. Check out the following explanation:

  • Brainstroming

We brainstorm for slogans, keywords and phrases related to your brand. Consider what you might want and find. This is almost similar to building an SEO strategy.

  • Research

Then, we search for hashtags that are trending and popular. There are several applications that can do data analysis to examine the most popular hashtags on Instagram. other ways can also directly type the hashtags from previous brainstorm results in the Instagram search box and see how many people have used the hashtag and how relevant it is.

  • Specific

As discussed earlier, it is not wise to use popular hashtags that are marked by user expression. Often, using a general hashtag actually makes it more difficult to get attention because it will get lost among thousands of other images that use the same hashtag.

  • Start From Scratch

Creating a branded hashtag that aims to facilitate the audience, clients and ourselves to find brand content in the collection of content that has been created. This branded hashtag can also be a benchmark for how many of your brand trends are on Instagram. if any of your followers use this branded hashtag and are relevant, of course it’s a good thing and you can also use it for UGC (User Generated Content)

  1. Use Special Industrial Hashtags

The best way to determine which hashtags will attract attention and interaction is to look at the hashtags used by similar brands in your industry. Try to think of common hashtags related to your industry and search by typing them in caption.

For example, you can try typing #hotfood and see what happens. Instagram gives you a list of related hashtags. based on popularity. Things like this will of course save work by guessing which of these hashtags is more widely used first. You can also see the number of hashtags that have been used to the right of the writing.


In short, hashtag is a very useful tool to increase your engagement on Instagram. if chosen wisely and used appropriately, hashtag has the ability to grow your followers and increase the number of your interactions.

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