Use These 3 Tips To Close The Presentation

Use These 3 Tips To Close The Presentation

The opening sentence is an important element in a presentation, because it can help the presenter to give a good first impression. However, the closing sentence is equally important. A good closing sentence will impress the audience and make it easy to remember the presentation you gave. Then, what 3 tips should be used to close a presentation? see the explanation below.

  1. Invitation

To get your audience to do something as you expect, use a sentence that contains an invitation so that the audience will be interested and take a break from what you have to say. For example using kaliamat which can be used “let’s cultivate a healthy life”. “Let’s love the earth by throwing garbage in its place”, “I am standing here waiting for your answer, because what you are doing today is what you will feel in the future.”

  1. Appreciation

As a form of appreciation to the audience, use a closing sentence of thanks. Things like this, apart from leaving a good impression, will also make the audience feel appreciated. For example, a sentence such as “Thank you very much to you who are willing to take the time to attend this event. ”

  1. Ask for Advice

In order to give a low profile impression, use a closing sentence that states the audience’s requests for suggestions or opinions. You can also use things like this for future improvement. Sentences that can be used are, for example, “We are waiting for suggestions and criticisms from you as our evaluation material for the future”. Or it could be “Please call the number that is listed on the layer if you have questions, points and suggestions that you want to convey. No matter how small it is, let us know as an evaluation material for us in the future.

Ending the presentation did seem trivial to some presenters. Most of you don’t really care how your presentation will close. In fact, by doing an interesting and memorable closing, the audience will remember your presentation and message. May be useful.

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